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Developing a digital strategy

To develop a digital strategy, you need to identify digital initiatives with their potential value, as well as a roadmap ready for execution. At Momentum, we follow a three-step process based on our guiding principles.

Our process


Scan of existing situation

The first step is collecting basic information on the organization's current state. We take a close look at the company's enterprise architecture, as well as its strategy, marketing, and sales operations, finance, HR, and IT infrastructure. By analyzing these key areas, we can get a clear picture of where the company stands today.


Digital initiatives with their impact on EBITDA

To identify opportunities for digital transformation, we conduct interviews with C-level executives and individuals working in a specific business line. We create a list of digital use cases through these conversations and our expert opinion, including impact calculations in euros for revenue/profit.


Three-year digital roadmap and OKR for technology, people, and process

We carefully set priorities using the 'Objective and Key Results' methodology, as used by Google. Based on the information gathered, we define a three-year digital roadmap that aligns with the organization's vision for people, technology, and processes. This includes developing a future state architecture, conducting a gap analysis to identify opportunities for improvement, and creating a digital roadmap and budget that outlines specific initiatives to be prioritized and implemented over three 12-month phases. A governance structure is also established to ensure accountability and alignment with the overall business strategy.

Why develop a digital strategy?


Improve revenue


Increase productivity and efficiency


Mitigate risks

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Execution in co-ownership

A structured approach is crucial to ensuring the success of digital initiatives.

Our process


Validate the selected initiative and kickstart it.

We conduct a Sprint Zero, which includes establishing a baseline and defining the scope, budget, planning, partners, and team.


Build a winning team

A strategy is only as good as the people who execute it. Having the best team on board is essential to tackle the job. We ensure that the best candidates are selected or hired by following a structured process. This involves detailed job descriptions, thorough interview processes, and an attractive ads-activated job site. If needed, enlist the help of external recruiters. Whatever you do, don't compromise on hiring top talent, even if it takes longer to find the right person. This will save you time and money in the long run.


Partner with implementation specialists

If needed, select an implementation partner with the necessary expertise in the chosen technology. Remember that leadership and product management are insourced, so partners will mainly supply specialists where needed.


Continuous agile development

After assembling the right team of internal and external specialists, implement the solution. Follow the process to implement digital solutions to ensure that value is created faster than expected.


Continuous reporting

This is more of a process than a step, as we have to keep doing it regularly. Transparent communication with stakeholders is essential for the digital execution's success. We hold quarterly reporting sessions to update stakeholders on our progress toward contracted milestones. We cover our progress on milestones, measured by outcomes, timeline, and budget. These reporting sessions are crucial to identify roadblocks and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals and achieving the desired results.

Why execute in co-ownership?


Increase successrate


Share risk and reward


Go digital with a human touch


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