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Create actionable strategies and turn them into reality

Through our experience in building businesses and leading digital agencies, we’ve learned the importance of pairing strategy with execution. Our strength lies in creating actionable strategies from practical experience, and then transforming these strategies into reality by developing the corresponding technology and ensuring the desired outcome.


We’ve consistently delivered results by helping businesses reduce costs, generate revenue, and modernize operations. This track record of success has built our confidence to take shared responsibility for the outcome of the initiatives we execute. We believe in aligning our interests with yours, a practice that has proven effective in achieving optimal results and forging strong partnerships.

Meet the founders

Decades of experience in digital transformation enable us to deliver tangible value.

Mark Schröder

Mark Schröder

Founder & Partner
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About Mark

Mark has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. As an operating partner, he delivers propositions - from strategy to execution. Before launching his new venture Momentum, Mark was the Chief Commercial Officer of FIBR, a new digital bank focused on helping West-European SMEs succeed. He played an instrumental role in developing the bank's strategy, which was approved by the Dutch National Bank and led to an investment of EUR 70 million in equity. He also played a crucial role in executing the plan, surpassing the ambitious business target by more than 30%. Mark co-founded New10, where he served as Chief Commercial Officer. He was responsible for sales, service, branding, and operations in this role.

He successfully translated the company's strategy into an execution roadmap, leading New10 to become the number-one online lender in the Netherlands within 12 months. The company signed up thousands of entrepreneurs with a net promoter score of 50+. Mark and his team established a solid foundation for scaling the business by utilizing state-of-the-art marketing technology.

Before New10, he led in delivering ABN AMRO's Group strategy, where he started as a senior analyst and quickly rose to senior strategist. This strategy led to a change in the top structure of ABN AMRO Group, the operating system model, and a focus on innovation. One of the initiatives Mark helped bring to life was New10. His career has always been centered on blending strategy and execution. This resulted in significant experience in delivering successful digital transformation. He has an innate curiosity for his profession, which drives him to improve constantly.

  • Mark has over a decade of experience as a ‘digital operating partner‘. He has built several scale-ups from strategy to execution.
  • As an operating partner, he operates at both the C-level to set strategic direction and at the ground level to get the execution done.
  • Mark was the Chief Commercial Officer of FIBR, a digital bank focused on West-European SMEs.
  • He played a crucial role in developing FIBR's strategy, securing a EUR 70 million equity investment.
  • Mark co-founded New10 and led it to become the top online lender in the Netherlands within 12 months.
  • He has extensive experience in delivering successful digital transformations.
  • Mark's innate curiosity drives him to constantly improve in his profession.
Kim Pellikaan

Kim Pellikaan

Founder & Partner
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About Kim

Kim has been an entrepreneur in the digital products and services industry for over a decade. He is passionate about building teams and digital businesses that deliver a lasting impact. During his last venture (successful exit of a digital agency), Kim managed 110+ full-time employees and generated over 10 million in revenue.

Over the years, Kim has advised many companies on a strategic level. He excels at being the operating partner, bridging the gap between digital strategy and the actionable digital roadmap, and being accountable for delivering real value.

Kim co-founded Momentum, firmly believing that the digital consulting industry can be improved by shifting from an hourly to a value-based model. This model aligns objectives and incentives with the customer, allowing for co-ownership of outcomes and sharing the costs of failure and rewards of success. It delivers real results instead of just outputs. As an operating partner, Kim can deliver this value and take calculated risks in digital transformation based on his expertise and experience.

Kim still enjoys coding in his free time. His latest project involves building a high frequency blockchain trading algorithm in Rust, a low-level programming language. His ambition for the next ten years is to deliver 1 billion in value through digital transformations.

  • Kim is an experienced entrepreneur in the digital industry, specializing in team building and impactful businesses.
  • He successfully managed a digital agency with 110+ employees, achieving a lucrative exit and generating over $10 million in revenue.
  • Kim provides strategic-level advice, bridging the gap between digital strategy and actionable roadmaps.
  • He co-founded Momentum, aiming to revolutionize the digital consulting industry with a value-based model.
  • His ambition is to deliver $1 billion in value through digital transformations in the next decade.

Digital transformation done differently

“According to Forbes, the risk of failure in digital transformation is 84%, and global consultancy firms estimate it to be over 70%.”

Our way


As a leader

You may have experienced IT projects where budgets were exceeded, deadlines were missed, or promised results never materialized. You know hiring a consultant or agency isn't enough, as they’re only committed to delivering their part and not to the end result.


You need the benefits

However, you need the benefits of a successful digital transformation, such as growing revenues, improving productivity, or mitigating risks. Achieving these goals while running your business is not an easy task. You need someone with digital expertise, decades of experience, and full accountability for timelines, budgets, and results. Imagine being able to hire a partner who ticks all these boxes.


Driven by a strong commitment

Our approach is driven by a strong commitment to delivering tangible results. We are not interested in billable hours, quick fixes, or simple solutions. Instead, we offer a model where we only benefit if we deliver the agreed-upon results. In the worst-case scenario, we only charge for the necessities of bread and water. This means that we take full responsibility for the company's goals, whether it's increasing productivity, mitigating risks, or growing revenue. We believe this is how to successfully execute digital transformations and enable you to become a digital frontrunner.

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