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After Waterland PE acquired the first company from the Dhomus brand portfolio, new management was put in place. As part of this takeover, the management aimed to explore digital opportunities within the current business and assess the existing digital landscape objectively. This led to the development of a digital strategy where we identified potential opportunities in the current landscape.

Dhomus is a partner for developers and construction companies, offering a 'house of brands' with over 100 years of combined experience in kitchens, bathrooms, and tiles. The company leverages the strengths of all of its brands to provide a complete portfolio of knowledge, experience, inspiration, and service, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Dhomus takes care of everything, from the first appointment in one of its showrooms located throughout the Netherlands to smooth processes, including complete calculation, delivery, service, and warranty. The company strives for perfection in every aspect of the customer experience, making it special for customers.

“Momentum has proven to be an invaluable companion in navigating our challenging digital journey. Their support spans every aspect, from formulating a solid strategy to seamless execution. They transcend the conventional roles of a consultant or agency, embracing a deeper level of commitment to our organization's success.”

Duncan Moser

CEO Dhomus


Digital strategy

Within a three-month window, we formulated a comprehensive digital strategy. This plan encompassed budgeting, a three-year roadmap, digital use cases, proposed enterprise architecture adjustments, and a recommended talent framework.

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Digital Strategy


Impact realization through initiative execution

The digital strategy served as our roadmap for executing several initiatives. These were prioritized based on the potential impact on employee satisfaction, profitability, and risk.


Increased online revenue


50% cost reduction


Productivity improvement



Accelerate revenue growth by building a strong online presence for all Dhomus brands


The primary objective has two key aspects: establishing an effective B2B lead generation mechanism and increasing B2C traffic to the showrooms.

Situation Prior

In Dhomus, the focus is on generating business through a mostly existing network of partners such as developers and construction companies, who have projects involving the outfitting of many homes with kitchens, bathrooms, and tiles.

Since the acquisition, a new strategic pillar has emerged. The first objective is to create more direct traffic from consumers, rather than relying mainly on traffic from projects. The second objective was to use modern online marketing methods to support the B2B sales process and expand operations.

Our Action

Based on the digital strategy, it was evident that achieving the set goals required the development of new websites, a modern marketing and sales platform, and the hiring a skilled marketing manager.

Therefore, we began by selecting and hiring an experienced marketing and communication manager. This involved creating a scorecard, pre-selecting candidates, conducting interviews, and making a recommendation to the CEO.

Afterward, in collaboration with the management team, we engaged an agency with expertise in building four new websites, supported by a best-of-breed marketing and sales platform. Together, we meticulously outlined a plan to migrate and construct the website and its accompanying systems.


The first milestones have been hit and we are on track to generate the first leads by the end of 2023.


Reduce ICT costs while maintaining employee satisfaction


One of the quick wins we have identified was to achieve a 50% reduction in ICT management costs through the adoption of Microsoft’s modern workspace architecture

Situation Prior

In Dhomus, ICT was managed differently across the various labels. This ranged from fully virtualized desktops to modern workspaces with on-premises infrastructure. Such a diverse approach made it expensive to manage, difficult for employees to cooperate across different labels, and proper governance nearly impossible.

Our Action

At present, we are in discussions with both current and potential new suppliers about migrating to Microsoft’s modern workplace with a cloud-first architecture. Once we make a selection, we will support the migration process until the new architecture is fully implemented.


We are on track to achieve our objective of reducing ICT costs by 50%. Once the implementation is finished, we will update this case.

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We worked with the following partners to achieve these results

Mega Watt Rebranding agency
Leapforce Online marketing agency
Leon van den Berg Digital designer
Simar ERP supplier


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